How to Adjust a Rooftop TV Antenna

Digital television broadcasts have brought clearer pictures to millions of viewers. Picking up these signals sometimes requires adjusting antennas to get the best reception. Rooftop antennas are especially popular with users who are far away from broadcast towers or have obstructions near their homes. Finding the right direction to point a rooftop antenna is key to getting crisp digital television.

Determine the best position for you antenna by visiting the Consumer Electronic Association's AntennaWeb site at Click on "Choose an antenna." Enter your address information and click "Submit." Click "View Street Level Map" on the results page. Take note of the directions that the television broadcast towers are from your point on the map.

Mount the antenna as high as possible. If the current location is not giving you good reception, look for a higher location on the roof to move the antenna to. If obstructions are causing problems, consider installing a mast to raise the antenna.

Point the antenna in the direction of the television broadcast towers you are trying to pick up. Use the directional information provided by AntennaWeb to find the correct direction.

Have a second person check reception on the television inside and relay the information to you on the roof. Make minor adjustments by rotating the antenna or pivoting it as needed to get a clear picture.

Tighten the antenna into the new position.

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