How to Repair Carpet Wear on Stair Steps

Carpet on stair steps can receive a lot of abuse from foot traffic. Because home occupants use stairs so frequently, carpet fibres can appear worn or tattered. The type of underlay greatly determines how fast your carpet becomes worn. The underlay is the padding between the carpet and the flooring. A soft plush underlay will not protect the carpet from heavy feet, while a firm underlay can give the carpet adequate support to maintain the carpet's life. Repair the carpet wear on your stair steps to give your flooring a fresh look.

Vacuum the carpet to get out the caked-on debris. Use the vacuum's nozzle to remove dirt from around the balusters.

Clean the carpet with a mild detergent to remove oils from the worn areas. Use a soft brush to scrub the entire carpet areas. Remove the soap with a damp sponge and allow the entire carpet area to dry.

Take some fibres off a carpet area in a closet or from the extra carpet you may have from installation. Use a razor. Cut the fibres at the base of the carpet.

Cover the worn areas with a waterproof adhesive. With a toothpick, press the carpet fibres down over the adhesive. Manipulate the fibres so they are standing up.

Allow the area to dry for 24 hours before walking on the steps or stairs. Trim any fibres sticking up with scissors so they're level with the rest of the carpet.

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