How to make a homemade pocket square

Pocket squares are small square shaped pieces of fabric that you intricately fold and place into the breast pocket of men's suit jackets. Originally made popular in the 1920s, the pocket square has recently come back into fashion and is somewhat of a staple among men's formal attire. The pocket square comes in an array of different patterns, colours and styles. If you are looking to customise a pocket square for a particular suit or event, you can easily create one at home.

Purchase fabric from your local craft or fabric retailer. The fabric most commonly used in the making of pocket squares is a light silk. If you choose a heavier silk fabric, simply make your pocket square a smaller size, as it will be thicker when folded.

Select the size you would like your pocket square to be. Pocket squares range in size of 10"x10" (which is on the smaller side) to 18"x18" (which is on the larger side), so choose a size depending on what fits your specific needs. To select which size you will need you must consider how much of the pocket square you want to be visible, once folded and placed into the breast pocket. Keep in mind if you select a thicker silk fabric, you may want to make it smaller to avoid it being too thick to easily place in the pocket.

Draw or trace a large square onto the backside of the silk fabric that you have chosen. The backside can be either side of the fabric you choose, as both sides should be identical.

Carefully cut the square out using craft scissors. Follow the line that you traced onto the back, and be sure to cut with a steady hand to ensure that all sides are even. Dispose of or recycle and left over fabric.

Roll one side of the square up tightly, so that you are unable to see the cut edge of the fabric. You should only need to roll about half an inch of fabric up on each side; however, you will only need to do one side at a time. Hold the roll in place during next step.

Sew the rolled side of the square in place, using thread that matches or blends in to the colour of your square. Start by inserting your needle downward into the roll, the top being the opposite side of the square.

Pull the thread tightly before inserting the needle back upward into the roll. Continue in this motion down the length of the roll.

Tug on the rolled side lightly to assure that you have tightly sewn it to itself so that it does not come unfurled.

Repeat steps five through seven on the three remaining sides of the square. Be sure to sew the side directly opposite of the first side you have finished, before moving on to the other two sides of your square.

Fold the pocket square into the style of your choice and place into the breast pocket of your suit jacket. For pocket square folding techniques, please view the "Resource" section of this article.

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