How to Fix a Tear in Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric is a strong and durable woven synthetic fabric that resists shrinking and wrinkles. Polyester fabric also resists mildew and machine washes and dries easily. Due to the properties of polyester fabric, it is especially suitable for outdoor coats and clothing.

Despite polyester fabric's strength and durability, rips and tears occur with use. Fix a tear in polyester fabric by stabilising the fabric beneath the tear and stitching the tear closed. Although it will be possible to detect the mend, the tear in the polyester will be gone.

Cut the fabric so it covers the tear completely with approximately 1 inch of excess fabric on all sides of the tear.

Position the fabric on the back of the polyester fabric so it is underneath the tear. Pin the fabric in place.

Line up both sides of the tear so the tear is flat over the fabric beneath it.

Set the sewing machine to a wide zigzag stitch and begin sewing a zigzag stitch across the tear. Make the zigzag stitches close together to cover the tear completely with stitches. Stitch along the entire length of the tear. Make one or two additional rows of zigzag stitches to cover the tear completely. This will ensure the tear is securely closed.

Turn the polyester fabric over to the underside and trim away the fabric patch approximately ΒΌ inch away from the zigzag stitches.