How to Flip Text Upside Down in Word

Whether you're creating a funky brochure or you're just trying to properly label a chart, the ability to flip text upside down is a nice Word bonus. This instruction refers to Word 2007, but you can flip text in most other versions of Word by using the same procedures.

Create a WordArt image. Go to "Insert," then choose "WordArt" from the "Text" category on the right-hand end of the ribbon (the new, wider toolbar in Microsoft Office 2007 products). You will see that there are several different WordArt styles; select the one closest to what you are looking for. Type your text in the provided box, then hit "OK."

Make sure your WordArt image is selected, then click Rotate on the ribbon (again, near the right-hand end).

Select "Flip Vertical" to invert your text. If you do not like the appearance of your WordArt-based image using this method, use the method in section 2.

Create a text box by going to "Insert," then choosing "Text Box" from the "Text" area on the ribbon near the right-hand end. Select any of the pre-formatted options, or go to the end and select "Draw Text Box" to create your own. Type in your text.

Make sure your text box is selected, then go to the ribbon and, from the "Arrange" area on the right side, click "Rotate," then "Flip Vertical."

Edit your now-inverted text box by clicking on it. An editable window will appear.

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