How to Type the British Pound Symbol on a Mac

American keyboards display only the most common letters, numbers and symbols used in U.S. English. Fortunately, if typing in another language or pricing something in foreign currency there are symbols you can insert using an American keyboard. Like the "Alt +" keystrokes on Windows computer keyboards, it's possible to do the same with Mac computer keyboards. It works in the same way: either by a key stroke series, or by opening a list of characters to copy.

Open the "Edit" menu on the tool bar in the document in which you want to insert the special character.

Click on "Special Characters" in the menu. This opens the "Character Palette."

Select the British pound symbol from the character list. It looks similar to a lower case "F": £

Click "Insert" and the symbol will be inserted into the document.

Place your cursor where you want the symbol to be in a document.

Press the "Option" key.

Press the number "3" key while holding down the "Option" key.

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