How to Connect a PS3 Controller to a PC Using Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a common wireless technology used in mobile phones, computers and Sony's PlayStation 3. For PS3, the console's peripherals, including its Dualshock 3 and Sixaxis gaming controllers, remote control, keyboard, mouse and headset communicate via Bluetooth technology. The use of Bluetooth in the PS3 should allow for universal connectivity for PC gaming; however, the PS3's wireless gaming controllers are not compatible with a PC without installing custom drivers and software.

Download and install a third-party software package, such as MotionJoy. The package should contain all the drivers and software needed to allow Bluetooth communications between the wireless controllers and the PC.

Open the Windows "Start" menu. Click on "All Programs", "MotionJoy" and then right-click on "Install Bluetooth Driver". Select "Run as Administrator". Notepad will open, alerting you when the driver has been installed.

Click on the Windows "Start" menu, followed by "Control Panel", "Printers and Other Devices" and "Game Controllers". The new Bluetooth controller should appear on the list. Do not close the controller window.

Connect the USB cable to a USB port on the computer and the mini-B end to your Dualshock 3 or Sixaxis wireless controller. A USB game controller now appears in the game controller window.

Close the controller window and disconnect the USB cord from the controller. The drivers have been successfully installed.

Locate MotionJoy's "DS3 TOOL", which is located under "Start", "All Programs", then "MotionJoy". After the program loads, click "Pairing".

Press the PS button on the connected wireless controller. Your Bluetooth controller is connected.

Load a PC game with gamepad controller support. Your PS3's wireless controller is fully functional within the game.

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