How to Start My Acer Aspire Laptop in Safe Mode

Starting an Acer Aspire laptop in safe mode is one of the best ways to begin the troubleshooting process if the computer is not functioning normally. Safe mode is a minimalist way to start your computer; in safe mode, only the files that are essential to Windows functionality will run at start up. This mode exists to diagnose and, if possible, remedy any software-related issues causing Windows to malfunction in its normal boot mode. Users can boot to safe mode on an Acer Aspire in three easy steps.

Power on your Acer Aspire laptop computer.

When you see the Acer splash screen--this contains the Acer logo and usually reads "Empowering People"--repeatedly press the F8 button. You can stop when you see a blinking underscore ( _ ) character. Wait a moment, and a list of boot options will appear.

Use the arrow keys to select "Safe Mode," then press "Enter. The Aspire will then boot to Safe Mode.

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