How to Remove a Ford Focus Rear Cargo Panel

Although the Focus sedan does not have a rear cargo panel, both the hatchback and estate car versions do. The hatchback has a traditional fixed cargo cover; the estate car has a "rolling" cargo shade. These covers are handy for keeping items in your cargo compartment private.

However, you may need to remove the cover if you need additional cargo space. Removing the panel allows you to fold your seats down and carry large items.

Open the rear lift gate.

Detach the cargo panel straps. The panel is attached by two straps (one on each side). Push each strap connection up to disconnect it from the mount.

Grasp the rear part of the cargo panel: pull it straight out to remove it. The panel will slide against the rail and come out.

Open the rear lift gate. Pull the sliding cargo cover handle towards you and then let it "roll up," exposing the cargo area.

Grasp the ends of the cargo cover. Push them towards one another to detach the connection tabs from the mount.

Pull the cargo cover out of the vehicle.