How to make a roman soldier costume for a child

A Roman soldier costume can work for many occasions such as Halloween, fantasy conventions or school history projects.

It may seem difficult and time consuming to make a Roman soldier costume for your child; however, with some common materials and basic sewing skills, a child's Roman soldier costume can be quick and easy to make. Your child can even help you make it if desired, although an adult's help still will be required. Once you're finished making the costume, just pair it with a neutral coloured T-shirt and you're ready.

Adding 1 inch all around for seam allowance, cut out a piece of red fabric that is long enough to reach from the child's waist to his knees and wide enough to wrap around his waist.

To make the skirt, fold the fabric in half, bringing the two shorter edges together. Sew the shorter edges together. Hem one raw edge of the fabric.

For the waistline, hem the other raw edge of the fabric, leaving a 1 inch opening. Cut a piece of elastic that is just long enough to wrap around the child's waist.

Thread the elastic through the waistband, using the 1 inch opening, gathering the fabric as needed. Hand sew the two ends of the elastic together. Hand sew the 1 inch opening in the waistband closed.

To make the sandals, cut four pieces of brown ribbon, each 24 inches long. Hot glue one end of one ribbon to the right side of a brown flip-flop.

Hot glue one end of the second ribbon to the left side of the brown flip-flop. Glue the last two ribbons onto the second flip-flop in the same manner.

To wear, put the flip-flops on and wrap the ribbons around the calves in a criss-cross pattern, tying them together at the back of the leg.

For the belt, cut out three pieces of cardboard that are each 12 inches long and 2 inches wide. Cut the corners off of one edge of each cardboard piece to make the end triangular.

Cut a piece of gold rope that is long enough to be tied around the child's waist. Spray paint the cardboard pieces gold and hot glue the non-triangular ends to the middle of the rope.

To make the helmet, spray paint a paper cereal bowl gold. Glue about 25 red feathers in a line along the middle of the bottom of the bowl.

Cut a piece of elastic that is just long enough to reach from the child's left ear, underneath the chin, to the right ear. Hot glue each end of the elastic to each side of the bowl. When wearing the helmet, place the bowl on the crown of the head and pull the elastic under the chin.