How to build a wooden plant pot

The rustic look of a wooden plant pot is a delightful addition to gardens and landscaping. There are a number of designs and styles. The classic box shape is popular, attractive, and simple to build. In a matter of just a few hours, your new pot can be finished and ready for everyday use.

Measure 2 inches inward from each side of a piece of plywood on one side only. Mark them, and draw a straight line connecting each one to the corresponding corner on the other side. Use the jigsaw to cut along each line, resulting in a trapezoid-shaped piece of wood 12 inches on one end, and 8 inches on the other.

Repeat this process on three more pieces of plywood. Cut the final piece of plywood into a 10-by-8-inch rectangle.

Assemble the four trapezoid-shaped pieces into a box. Line up the longer sides at the top and the shorter sides at the bottom. Because the ends are flat, two of the pieces must be positioned inside the other two when doing this, with their ends pressed flat against the inside of the other pieces. Drive four nails into each corner to fasten them together. Hammer the nails through the outside of "outer" pieces straight into the width ends of the "inner" pieces.

Level the corners off the bottom of the pot's short end with the jigsaw and sander, leaving a flat surface. Line up the remaining piece of plywood to the bottom. The measurements should correspond. Drive four nails up into each side to fasten it on.

Sand any rough areas off, and coat the entire pot in a thick layer of deck sealant for protection. Allow the wood to dry three to four hours. The pot is now ready for use.

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