How to Shrink-Wrap Without a Sealer

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Shrink-wrapping items including candy, CD's, DVD's gift baskets and fruits increases their shelf life. If you're shipping food or gifts, shrink-wrapping the items will increase their chances of arriving at the destination fresh and safe. Shrink-wrapping can be accomplished with a specialised machine called a sealer. But if you don't have a sealer, you can produce similar results with a hair dryer .

Choose a shrink-wrap bag large enough to fit the items you are preparing for wrapping. If you plan to ship the items, a thicker bag may help provide some protection against tearing.

Place the items you intend to shrink-wrap into the bag. Place the bag on the counter, making sure you have enough space in the bag to cover the entire item and provide a tight seal.

Turn on the hair dryer and point it to the item in the bag. Leave a corner or a piece to hold onto while you apply the heat of the dryer. Move the head of the dryer back and forth over the item until the bag begins to shrink and form a seal. When no more air is being compressed out of the bag, the process is finished. Check the bag for air pockets or leaks. Once the bag has passed inspection, begin the process for other items as needed.

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