How to Fold an Army Beret

For those enlisted in the armed forces, proper care and presentation of the uniform is an important mark of honour and respect. When a soldier gets dressed in the morning, it is not as simple as pulling on trousers and a shirt or deciding which shoes go best with which belt. Instead, soldiers are showing off a group of symbols that represent hundreds of years of history. For this reason, it is important that the soldier display all parts of his uniform cleanly and correctly, from the shine of his boots to the tip of beret on the top of his head.

Use a lint brush or soft-bristle brush to remove excess fuzz from the beret's surface. This will smooth the material and help to loosen any extra fuzz or strings that will mar the appearance of the beret.

Tear a piece of masking tape, and stick it to the surface of the beret. Then, quickly peel off. Repeat this process over the entire surface of the beret to remove any excess fuzz. If one piece of tape ceases to be sticky or becomes covered with fuzz, use another.

Wet the beret with cold water to loosen the material. Do not wet the flash, or crest symbol, on the beret, as you can damage the material.

Fit the beret onto your head so that the loosened beret moulds to the shape of your head. Worn correctly, the beret should sit one inch about your eyebrows, with the flash centred over your left eye. Be sure you wear it correctly when you are moulding it to your head.

Pull the excess material to the right side, until it stretches slightly. Fold it down toward the right to form the beret's signature dip. The excess material should touch the top of your right ear and extend no further than the middle of your ear.

Wear the beret until it is dry to make sure it keeps the shape of your head.

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