How to Find a Song by the First Line

It can be almost maddening to have a song going through your mind and not be able to remember the title or recording artist. Do not despair; even if you only know the first line of the song you may still be able to find the song and learn the name. Enter a few keywords or the first line of the song into a special search engine and it will return likely songs that fit your keyword search.

Visit to access the song index of the California Library Systems Cooperative. This song index lists over 180,000 songs with many of them being popular titles.

Select "Other Search Options" to find more search options from which to choose.

Enter the keywords in the first field. From the drop-down menu to the right of this field, select "First Line." If you know keywords that may be in the title, enter them in the second search field and select "Song Title" from the drop-down menu to the right of this field.

Click "Submit" and wait while the search engine searches for your keywords.

View the results to see if any of them are your song. If they are not, adjust your keywords and search again.

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