How to clean amtico flooring

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Amtico carries a high-quality line of wood flooring that is elegant and easy to care for. This flooring comes in a variety of shades, and all can be cleaned with several inexpensive cleaning tools. Amtico does carry its own line of floor cleaning products, however these are expensive and a bit of a hassle as you must purchase the cleaning supplies online and allow shipping time before they are delivered. Instead, eliminate the confusion and simply make your own cleaning solution.

Sweep the floors regularly with a vacuum cleaner or broom. This removes dust and crumbs that can cause scratching of your Amtico flooring.

Damp mop the floors regularly as well. Moisten the mop with warm water. Wring out and wipe over the Amtico floors following the grain of the wood.

Mix a cleaning solution of 1 gallon warm water and 1/2 cup vinegar in a bucket. Dip a cleaning mop in the solution. Twist out excess water, and wipe across your flooring, again following the grain of the wood.

Allow the floors time to air dry before anyone walks across the flooring, as this will prevent footprints from forming on the wood.

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