How to properly stick shoe pads in shoes to prevent foot from slipping forward

People who have to stand a lot often find their shoes uncomfortably hard so they buy insole pads to put in them. But, then the insole pads slip out of place and cause discomfort; they often even rub blisters on the wearer's toes.

Anyone who has worn a shoe with a misplaced shoe pad knows how their feet slide forward in the shoes and that it is really uncomfortable. Properly inserting an insole pad increases the likelihood of it staying in place.

Clean the surface of the shoe's sole by wiping thoroughly with antiseptic wipes. Make sure all signs of loose dirt have been cleaned off of the inner sole.

Slide the insoles into the shoes to make sure they fit properly; they should go all the way from the back end of the heel to the front of the toe--covering the entire inner sole area of the shoe. If the insole is too large for the shoe mark the excess with a pen or pencil and then cut it with the scissors.

Cut a piece of double sided tape one-half inch shorter than the insole. Stick the tape to the insole and trim off any overhanging tape.

Place your hand on the tape free side of the insole and curl it down on the outer edges just enough that the insole makes a slight upward arch. You do not want the taped insole to fold in on itself, but you need a slight arch to keep the tape from sticking to the wrong place in the shoe.

Insert the arched insole into the shoe, pushing it all of the way to the front. When it bumps the front of the shoe lower it to the sole but do not apply pressure until you have confirmed that it is seated properly in the shoe.

Press down on the pad to make sure it has adhered completely to the shoe before wearing.