How to dispose of an old microwave

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There are several ways to dispose of an old microwave. It is important to dispose of microwaves and other types of electronic equipment in a responsible and safe manner. By recycling electronic equipment, we can conserve the natural resources used to make them and reduce the amount of refuse buried in landfills.

Donate the microwave to charity. Charitable organisations clean, repair and refurbish used appliances and other household goods and donate or sell them at a discount.

Recoup some of the expense of the new microwave by selling the old one in a car boot sale.

Call local used appliance and repair shops. They will refurbish the appliance for resale or use it for parts.

Check with friends, neighbours and family members if they need or know of someone in need of a used microwave.

Contact your local council or recycling centre to find out whether they accept electrical appliances like microwaves. They may only do so on certain dates or at certain locations.