How to Get Rid of Sea Grass

Seagrass can be a wonderful substitute for regular fibre carpet, but it is not for everyone. The really bad thing is that the main reason people get rid of it is because of the smell that it gives off after only one day of having it in your house. You have two options. You can either completely remove the carpeting from your house or you can treat the seagrass to get rid of the smell.

Use your box cutter to edge the entire room that you have your seagrass carpet in. The box cutter shpuld be sharp enough to break through the carpeting, which is a tight weave, and through the backing.

Pull the carpeting up and it will break through the tack nails holding it down.

Roll the carpeting up and wrap it with packaging/duct tape.

Before you put your carpeting down, place the carpeting in a room that is sunlit. The sun removes a lot of the smell on its own.

Pour vinegar into several bowls and place the bowls in the same room as the carpeting. The vinegar will draw the rest of the smells out of the carpeting.

Tack the carpeting down after the carpet is done, which will take about 2 days.

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