How do I Use Garnier Nutri Multi Lights?

If you love the look of highlights in your hair but do not like the costly fees of a professional hair salon, Garnier Nutrisse Multi Lights might be the cost-effective solution to give you the look you want without the expense. When you apply Multi Lights, it is important to apply them properly to avoid damaging your hair. Select the proper shade for your hair colour to obtain the best possible results.

Wet your hair, then dry it well with a towel so you start with damp hair. Place an old towel or other fabric around your shoulders to protect your clothes from damage because of the hair colour. Put on the gloves that came with your Garnier Nutrisse Multi Lights kit to protect your skin from the colour.

Put the developer cream into the large space on the tray provided with your kit. Put the highlighting powder into the cream, and mix thoroughly until the powder dissolves without any lumps.

Separate the top layer of your hair, and secure it with hair clips to expose the bottom layer of hair. Select a small section of hair near your face, and apply highlighting cream with the included applicator. Cover the section of hair evenly and thoroughly for the best results. Repeat this process on small sections of your hair all the way around to the other side of your face.

Remove the clips from the top layer of your hair. Repeat the application process on small sections of the top layer of your hair. Leave the cream on your hair for up to 20 minutes for H1 and H2 tones or 15 minutes for H3 or H4 tones. Check tiny sections of your hair for progress, and rinse sooner if you obtain the desired colour.

Rinse the cream from your hair thoroughly with warm water. Make sure the water runs clear. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Apply the included conditioner, and wait 2 minutes before rinsing it. Dry your hair completely.

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