How to make floral funeral crosses

A floral funeral cross is a floral arrangement in the shape of a cross used to observe the importance of Christ in the funeral service. The most popular funeral flowers are roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, lilies, daisies, delphiniums and asters, with preferred colours being white, red, pink, yellow and blue.

Make your flower and colour selection based on the deceased's favourites to personalise your floral cross. In this article, we will be using silk flowers to create a long-lasting floral cross.

Paint the styrofoam cross form and allow to dry thoroughly. (Optional step)

Remove flower heads from the stems.

Heat the hot glue gun.

Arrange flower heads in the shape of the styrofoam form to ensure you have enough to cover the front of the form.

Measure the perimeter of the styrofoam form and cut ribbon to match measurements.

Glue the ribbon to the perimeter of the styrofoam form to create a decorative border.

Glue the flower heads to the front of the styrofoam form, beginning in the centre of the form and working outward to maintain balance of flower distribution. Be sure to press the bottoms of the flower heads into the styrofoam for best adhesion.

Spray the completed silk floral cross with acrylic sealant on all sides to protect it from the elements if displayed outside. Allow it to dry.

Attach your cross to the easel using floral wire. Your silk floral cross is now ready to display in honour of your loved one.