How to incorporate a freezer into living room decor

A freezer can save you money because it allows you to buy frozen food and meats in bulk and when they are on sale, but if you are short on space it may be difficult to find a good place to put your freezer. One option is to incorporate the freezer into another room's decor. The best way to accomplish this is to disguise it so most people will not realise that it is a freezer.

Determine the best way to hide the freezer. If you have a chest freezer, it is much easier to disguise. You can make it into a table that you put in the corner or place behind your sofa to hold a few picture frames. Be sure that you can easily plug it in wherever you decide to put it.

Measure your freezer. You should measure the top of the freezer as well as the height and width so you that you can create a fabric cover for it.

Cut a piece of plywood the size of the freezer lid. This will allow you to quickly remove and replace the cloth you will use to cover the freezer.

Find a fabric that fits your decor and buy enough of it to create a covering for your freezer. You will need to sew the fabric to the correct size and hem the ends so they do not fray.

Put the piece of wood on the freezer and arrange the covering over it. Then staple the fabric into place at the four corners. This will allow you to quickly move the cover and then place it back on without a lot of additional work on your part.

Place a few small picture frames or one vase or lamp on the freezer so that it looks like a table. You do not want to choose anything that is particularly valuable or difficult to move. Keeping this area clutter-free will make it much easier to access the freezer when you need to.

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