How to Clean Felt Sports Pennants

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Felt sports pennants are great colourful decorations that can brighten up a room as well as represent the support you show for your favourite high school, college and pro teams.

However, because they are often prominently displayed on the wall in areas that are accessible to children and dust, felt sports pennants are in danger of become dirty and stained. By using the tips below, you can keep your felt sports pennants new and fresh.

For the best possible results, consider dry-cleaning your pennants. Contact your local dry cleaner to see if they work on felt pennants. Dry cleaners have experience working with difficult fabrics such as wool, so taking your pennants to a professional may yield the best results. However, going to a dry cleaner is not necessary. You also can achieve good results by cleaning your pennants yourself by following the directions below.

Using a soft brush, wipe all of the dry surface dirt and dust off of your pennant. If something in liquid form has spilt on your pennant, skip this step to avoid rubbing the liquid into the fabric of your pennant.

Fill up a clean basin or bowl with cool to cold water. Place your pennant into the water and let it soak for a few minutes. If your pennant is heavily soiled, you might want to consider adding Woolite or some other wool-safe cleaner to the water. Do not add regular soap as this can mar the appearance of your pennant.

Gently press the water out of your pennant, repeating until the dirt has been washed free from your pennant.

Rinse your pennant one last time with cool water to remove any remaining dirt or Woolite cleaner.

Blot your pennant dry with a clean towel. Allow your pennant to dry flat in a clean place. When you pennant is completely dry, you can rehang it on your wall.