How to iron thermal curtains

With fuel costs soaring, many people are looking for ways to keep heating costs down this winter. One way is to install thermal curtains over your windows. Thermal curtains are also called insulated curtains, insulated drapes, and thermal drapes.

The rubber backing on thermal curtains provides protection against cold in winter and heat from the sun in summertime. Thermal curtains can make your windows up to seven times more insulating.

You can care for your thermal curtains in much the same way you care for your other curtains. While hanging the curtains allows most of the wrinkles to simply fall out, sometimes ironing is required.

Preheat your iron to medium. Do not use the steam setting.

Place large towels or a blanket over your ironing board or ironing surface.

Place the curtains fabric side up on top of the towel or blanket.

Iron slowly and smoothly, using a back and forth motion to remove wrinkles. Begin at the bottom of the curtains and work toward the top, avoiding the pleats at the top.

Allow the ironed portion of the curtains to softly pillow up as you work on new sections to avoid new wrinkles.