How to Clean Net Curtains

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Net curtains are popular for those who wish to have extra natural light in a room. They may be used alone or in conjunction with heavier curtains. Like on other curtains, dust from daily living will accumulate on net curtains, making them look and/or smell dirty or musty after a while.

In most cases, you can clean these curtains easily at home.

If curtains are made of sturdy woven fabrics, such as heavy cotton or polyester, you can even machine wash them. Otherwise, you should wash them by hand, as suggested by

Place the curtain directly in your washing machine or, if you are concerned about snagging, place the curtain in a pillowcase or a net laundry bag and tie it shut. Either way, wash net curtains alone, without other items that could snag them (especially any zippered items).

Fill the washer with warm water. Add a gentle detergent (according to the size of the load, the amount will vary; follow the detergent label directions) meant for delicate fabrics.

Let the curtains soak for up to half an hour, if they haven’t been washed in a long time or are exceptionally soiled for other reasons. If the net curtains have an odour, from cigarette smoke or general household odours, add 1/2 cup to a full cup of baking soda to the soak-water as well as the detergent.

Wash the curtains on the gentlest cycle. Hang them to dry—drying the curtains in a hot clothes dryer may cause some to shrink and lose their proper shape.

Place the net curtains in your bathtub or a large sink. Fill the tub or sink with warm water so that the curtains are fully submerged.

Add washing powder and, if the curtains have an odour, 1/2 cup of baking soda. Swish the curtains around in the water with your hands to loosen the dirt and to mix the detergent fully with the water.

Allow the curtains to soak for half an hour. Gently rub the curtain fabric together to loosen more soil.

Drain the water out of the tub or sink. Run fresh cool water over the curtain to rinse out the soil and detergent.

Carefully wring out excess water from the curtains and hang them up to dry.