How to Buy Frozen Bread Dough

Bread is a staple food around the world. If you are interested in baking your own bread but don't have the experience or time to make your own dough, buying frozen bread dough might just be the perfect solution for you. Finding frozen bread dough is easy.

You just need to know where to look and what exactly you're looking for.

Decide what kind of bread you want to bake. Some popular types are white, wholemeal, multigrain, rye, sourdough and different varieties of flat bread. There are also speciality breads such as organic and gluten-free.

Call local grocery stores until you find one that has the frozen bread dough you are looking for. Most stores stock frozen dough for white bread. If you need speciality dough to make organic or gluten-free bread, you may want to check with a store that specialises in health foods. Then go to the store.

Find the freezer section in the grocery store. The frozen bread dough is usually located in the area where the frozen bread, bagels, and waffles are kept. Ask an employee if you are having trouble finding it.

Read the directions for baking the bread on the package of frozen dough before you buy it. Make sure you are buying an amount of dough that makes the amount of bread you desire. Compare both the price and nutritional facts of the different options. Something like extra fibre content might come at a higher price, so decide what is important to you.