How to Connect Sky HD to Surround Sound

Sky is an entertainment and communications company based in the United Kingdom that provides broadband television programming to subscribers. Sky HD is the company's high definition television subscription service.

In addition to a high-def television, listening to programming in surround sound from a Sky HD box requires a separate home theatre system with speakers connected to a receiver. The Sky HD box offers several connection options, which each take only a few minutes to set up.

Turn off all equipment while making connections.

Check the back of the home theatre receiver to see what types of audio/video connections are available. An HDMI connection (high definition media interface), which delivers the best possible picture and sound, is the preferred option. HDMI jacks are shaped like a trapezoid. If HDMI is unavailable, use the component video and audio jacks. Component video jacks are colour coded RGB for red, green and blue. The audio jacks are red and white.

Connect an HDMI cable to the jack on the receiver and the HDMI jack on the back of the Sky HD box, or use RGB cables and standard RCA audio cables. Connect the red audio cable to the right channel jack and the white audio cable to the left channel.

Connect a second HDMI or component video cable to the receiver's video Output jack.

Connect the other end of the cable to the Video Input jack on the back of the HDTV, using either the HDMI Input or the Component Video Input.

Turn on the equipment and set the receiver to the HDTV setting, which processes the signal from the Sky HD box to produce surround sound from the receiver to the speakers, while sending the video signal to the HDTV.