How to place flowers on a grave

Mourning the loss of a loved one is a difficult process. Some people find comfort in visiting the grave site. It is customary to bring flowers to place on the grave when visiting a grave site. Each cemetery has different rules about leaving flowers at the grave.

Check with the cemetery about their rules for leaving flowers at the grave. Some cemeteries do not allow flowers to be left at the grave. If you are allowed to leave flowers at the grave, ask if you must return to pick them up after they have died or if the caretaker is in charge of doing that.

Select the type of flowers to leave at the grave. You may want to bring flowers that were a favourite to the person you lost. Consider the flowers' durability so they will last longer.

Remove any plastic wrappings or ties attached to the flowers. These could blow away and be hazardous to animals. Help keep the cemetery clean and free of trash.

Many graves have vases attached to the gravestone to place the flowers in. If this is the case put the flowers into the vase. If there is not a vase to put the flowers in lay the flowers next to the gravestone.

Use this time to reflect on the person you have lost. You can talk to the person about your life or time you had together. Use this time to release any feelings you have.