How to clean pond pumps

Pond pumps are required to maintain a clean pond. They remove unwanted algae and bacteria from your pond. Pumps are crucial to the health of fish or plants in the pond. Proper cleaning of a pump should be done at least every 2 weeks.

Read any maintenance instructions that came with the pump for manufacturer cleaning. Unplug the pump from the outlet to avoid shock or electrocution.

Put on wading boots and gloves if the pump is at the bottom of the pond. Get in the pond and retrieve the pump. If not then, pull pump off the edge of the pond.

Clean the outside of the pump with a wet rag. Remove all algae, pet hair, leaves and debris from the outside of the pump.

Remove all screws from the cover of the pump if screws had been placed by the manufacturer to hold the pump cover together. Remove the cover of the pump by pulling it off the pump. Pull the pump cover off if screws had not been place. It will just slide over the top of the pump.

Remove the impeller, which is the same thing as a propeller. It just pulls water into the pump to be purified. The impeller is held on magnetically and will just pull off.

Soak the impeller in lime scale for at least 20 minutes to remove all algae from it.

Brush the outside of the pump with a toothbrush. Also brush off the crevices of the pump. Remove all debris and algae from the pump.

Pull out the filter if the pump has one. It will just slide out. Fill the bucket with pond water and place the filter in it.

Swish the filter around in the pond water. Dump dirty pond water on the ground. Retrieve more pond water and do this process again. Follow up with doing this a third time to ensure that the filter is very clean.

Place the filter back in the slot designated for it. Take the impeller out of the lime scale and place it back on the filter. It should automatically attach when you get it close. Slide the cover back over filter and place all screws in their original place.

Place the pump back where it was originally. Plug in the pump.

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