How to Deal With Incontinence by Wearing Rubber Pants

Several temporary and permanent medical conditions cause urinary incontinence. Temporary incontinence caused by pregnancy or dehydration resolves when the condition has passed. Other incontinence, caused by Parkinson's disease, stroke, overactive bladder, an enlarged prostate, or weakened pelvic muscles, lasts longer.

Patients suffering long-term urinary incontinence can cope by using protective products such as rubber trousers combined with absorbent inner garments or inserts.

Purchase an absorbent adult incontinence insert product. Disposable products offer ease of use, and contain an absorbent inner core in the area of the perineum to keep fluid away from the skin, causing fewer rashes. Reusable cloth products, however, cost less over time, and ease consumers' environmental concerns.

Choose rubber or plastic pants to coordinate with your absorbent insert product. Some inserts have adhesive on the back and will stick to regular underwear worn underneath the protective trousers. Others fit inside a special type of protective trousers, necessitating the purchase of that type of garment. Purchase rubber trousers that work well with your style of outer clothing. Some are available in low cut styles, or with a higher leg opening to accommodate stylish clothes.

Place the absorbent insert inside the rubber trousers, then pull onto the body. The legs and waistband of the rubber trousers should be snug to protect against leaks, but not so tight as to cause discomfort or skin irritation.

Treat and prevent chafing and rashes with zinc oxide cream. Apply the cream to clean and dry skin several times per day as needed.

Change the absorbent inserts every two to three hours throughout the day. Clean skin with disposable intimate cleansing wipes to avoid prolonged skin contact with urine.

Replace rubber trousers with absorbent inserts with an absorbent paper or cloth all-in-one incontinence garment not containing plastic at night to allow skin to breathe. Use bed pads for extra absorbency at night if needed.