How to Operate a Jacuzzi Tub


Jacuzzi bathtubs are a welcome addition to any bathroom, creating a spa-like retreat. Jacuzzi is a premier name in bathroom fixtures, and they have a wide variety of tubs available, including air tubs, whirlpool tubs and walk-in therapy tubs. Airtubs do not have powerful jets and are self cleaning.

Therapy tubs are specialised fixtures for people with disabilities and limited mobility. Whirlpool tubs can also be used at home for hydrotherapy, soothing aching muscles, but are also ideal for soaking, water massage and relaxation.

The most common jacuzzi bathtub is the whirlpool tub, and it's easy to use.

Close the bathtub drain.

Fill the jacuzzi tub with warm water, making sure water covers the highest jet by at least one inch. Make sure water does not cover the air intake valve.

Add desired bath salts or oils.

Locate the electronic control panel. Most jacuzzi panels contain several buttons which control lighting, air flow, motor pump and other optional features.

Turn on the pump motor by pressing the on/off button. This button has a stylised image of water spray with two dots--one solid and one open--underneath.

Choose motor speed by pressing the arrow buttons. The "up" arrow will increase speed, the "down" arrow will decrease speed.

Adjust the air flow on the right and left sides using the air flow buttons and the arrow buttons. The air flow buttons look similar to the on/off button but have white dots on the stylised spray illustration.

Select other options, such as wave function or bath lights using the arrow buttons to toggle different features. If your bathtub has the "Rapid Heat" feature, it will turn on automatically.

Carefully immerse yourself in the bathtub.

Manually adjust the direction of the jets by lightly grasping the nozzles and moving them in the desired direction.

Adjust the force of the jets by turning the nozzle. For gentler spray, turn the nozzle clockwise; for more forceful spray, turn the nozzle counterclockwise.

When finished, carefully exit the tub. Use extra care as your muscles may be very relaxed, and blood pressure changes may cause dizziness.

Turn motor and other features off and completely drain the tub. Dry the control panel if necessary.