How to remove tight finger rings

Having a ring stuck on your finger is inconvenient and dangerous for a number of reasons. A ring that is too tight can cut off blood circulation to your finger, potentially causing numbness and nerve damage.

If the ring gets caught on something and you can't remove it, you might find yourself in an embarrassing or dangerous situation.

Do not struggle. If the ring doesn't easily come off after a few firm wiggles, remain calm. Trying to force the ring off of your finger will cause the finger to swell, making it even more difficult to remove the ring. If you've already struggled, wait at least 30 minutes before trying again. Gently rock the ring back and forth to try to loosen it and fit it over your knuckle.

Soak your finger in ice water to try and reduce swelling. If the ring is very tight, it could have caused swelling before you even attempted to remove it. Be sure the water is very cold, and thoroughly immerse the finger for three to five minutes. Try removing the ring again without struggling.

Apply a bit of lubricant to your finger, such as soapy water. This will serve to remove any grime or dried perspiration lingering underneath the ring. Gentry work the ring back and forth on your finger to ensure the soapy water reaches underneath the ring. Rock it toward your knuckle, and feel free to apply a slight twisting motion.

Slide the ring as close to your hand as possible and wrap a length of dental floss around the rest of the finger. The floss must be wrapped tightly, and this trick should be done quickly to avoid numbness. The floss will compress the skin of your finger and you should be able to slide the ring over it. Allow the floss to unravel as you pass the ring over the length of your finger.

Visit a jeweller if none of these methods work. The jeweller will be able to cut off the ring with a special protected saw. Don't try this method at home--only an expert will have the tools and skills necessary. The ring may be repairable after it has been removed.