How to Make Your Own Akatsuki Ring

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Make your own Akatsuki ring if you are a fan of the Naruto anime series. Each character has their own ring which has a corresponding colour, meaning and kanji symbol. The different rings are worn on different fingers and there are ten rings.

Use an inexpensive, malleable material such as polymer clay in the colour you need to make the base of the ring. Find the clay and other materials for the project where craft supplies are sold.

Work a 1-inch-thick ball of silver-coloured polymer clay in your hands to get it soft and roll it into a quarter-inch-thick tube. Rub some olive oil on the finger which corresponds with the ring you are making and wrap the tube around the base of that finger with the ends of the tube on top. The oil keeps the clay from sticking to your finger as you work.

Mold the tube around your finger so the top is a rounded dome thicker and wider than the band under your finger. Smooth the surface of the clay with the tip of your finger to make it even and shiny. Press something round and flat, such the end of a pen, against the domed top of the clay ring gently, with just enough pressure to leave a flattened top on the dome.

Bake the ring at 121 degrees Cor 20 to 30 minutes to harden the clay ring. Remove it from the oven and wait one hour for it to cool down so you won't get burnt when you touch it.

Set the flat top surface of the ring on a piece of construction paper the colour of the ring you are making, and trace around the edge of the flat side with a pencil. Cut the traced circle out of the paper with scissors.

Draw the symbol for the ring you are making in the middle of the paper circle with a pencil. Use an image of the symbol as a guide for how it should look. Go over the pencil lines with black marker.

Spread white craft glue on the bottom of the paper circle. Glue it to the flat top of the ring. Wait one hour for the glue to dry all the way and brush a thin layer of glue over the paper circle to seal the ink and keep it from running. Wait one hour for the glue to dry and brush on a coat of clear nail polish to protect the paper.