How to make a bear costume

Dressing up at Halloween often means uncomfortable costumes that don't fit very well. Using these directions to make a cuddly bear costume means that your attire will not only fit perfectly, it will also be designed exactly to your preference.

Better yet, instead of spending money on a costume for a single night, you will be able to reuse elements of the costume in your everyday wardrobe.

Decide whether you want to be a realistic bear or a cartoon bear. You could be a brown grizzly bear, a white polar bear, a pink Care Bear or a yellow Winnie-the-Pooh bear. Regardless of which type of bear you choose, the steps will be the same---just match all the colours of your materials to the style you prefer.

Purchase a simple sweatsuit in a solid colour. Make sure the top and bottom match exactly. A hood is OK and can be used as part of the costume, but try to avoid sweatshirts with zippers, pockets or other features that will interfere with the uniform look of the costume.

Paint a contrasting belly on the front of the sweat shirt. If your bear design has clothing or an emblem on the belly, paint that on, too.

Cut large half-circles out of the craft foam. Cut smaller half-circles out of the felt. These will be the bear's ears.

Glue the smaller circles inside the larger circles, offsetting them from centre. Glue the ears to the headband so they stick straight up when the headband is on your head.

Cut out a small rectangular tail from the faux fur. Use a safety pin to attach it to the seat of the sweatpants.

Paint your face to look like a bear using the acrylic paint.