How to Make a Mezuzah

Many Jewish individuals or families have at least one mezuzah inside their homes. This traditional item, a scroll made of parchment paper with verses of the Bible on it, can be handed down from ancestors or purchased in religious stores.

Only special scribes trained in the making of the sacred document should attempt to make such a scroll. However, making a mezuzah case to cover the scroll can be a special project to participate in with a child or loved one.

Cut a piece of cardboard and roll it into a tube that is slightly larger than the scroll. Apply a glue suitable for paper products to one edge of the cardboard and hold the ends together until the ends dry.

Place the tube onto another piece of cardboard and trace around the circular end. Cut out the circular piece and tape onto one end of the cardboard tube.

Cut out a one-inch long rectangular piece of cardboard that will be used to hang the mezuzah. Apply glue to the piece and place along the inside of the open end of the tube.

Wrap the tube in paper or foil and secure with glue or tape. If desired, decorate the exterior using paints, beads or other decorative items.

Hang the mezuzah next to a doorway by driving a small tack through the cardboard hanger with a hammer.