How to Remove a Clio Alternator

The Renault Clio, billed as a supermini sports car, is actually a hatchback. Some of the issues in the Clio's history include poor initial quality, which Renault claims to have overcome in its third generation of redesign for the vehicle (as of 2009).

Parts will fail even with the best redesign, however, including the alternator. You can learn to remove it and replace it yourself.

Jack up the front of the Clio. Use the front jack point located behind the radiator.

Place a jack stand under each of the front pinch welds. You may also use the front cross member or frame to support the vehicle. Lower the Clio onto the jack stands.

Remove tension on the alternator belt. Place the socket wrench over the auto-tensioner on the alternator's opposing pulley and move the pulley with the socket wrench and a breaker bar over the handle of the socket wrench. The tensioner will only move one way.

Slide the belt off the alternator pulley.

Unplug the electrical connector running to the alternator. Squeeze the release tab and pull the connector off the alternator plug.

Support the engine with a jack while you remove the top engine mount. Unbolt the top engine mount.

Gently raise and lower the engine as needed to access the alternator bolts and remove them.

Pull the alternator out of the engine bay.