How to Make a Humpty Dumpty Costume

You don't have all the king's horses and all the king's men available to put together a Humpty Dumpty costume, but you need a fantastic getup for that nursery rhyme Halloween party. And you certainly don't want a broken egg to break the bank. Don't fret--these simple guidelines will have you humpty, dumpty, and ready to fall off of walls in no time--without falling into debt.

Put on white sweatshirt and white leggings or tights. Though you do not want skin-tight clothing, these pieces should be tight enough to be stuffed to capacity without baggy areas.

Stuff sweatshirt and tights with pillows, batting, or other stuffing material to make yourself look as round and "egg like" as possible. Use smooth pillows so that your egg doesn't appear lumpy.

Clothe yourself with oversized shorts and whatever accessories you have chosen. Clothing will separate a generic egg from Humpty Dumpty, and traditional nursery rhyme illustrations often show him either with Victorian elements--such as bow ties and top hats--or with goofy, clown-like attire, like suspenders and a silly hat.

Using the permanent marker, draw various, jagged cracks on the sweatshirt and/or leggings. If you'd like to get "gory," snip open a couple of the cracks you have drawn and attach some yellow felt with a glue gun or safety pins to give a leaking yolk effect.

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