How to fit a Graco Quattro Tour raincover

Jupiterimages/ Images

Graco strollers and travel systems are safe, durable and convenient. They are adaptable enough to use for the entire time a child needs a stroller, from newborn babies to older children weighing up to 18.1 kg (40 lb). The rain cover is easy to put on, and it blocks the entire stroller and child from getting wet.

It is also UV-protected and has a zip so you can take your child in and out of the stroller without removing the whole cover.

Open the stroller. You can use the rain cover with or without the car seat in place if your stroller is a travel system. Open the stroller's canopy completely, as this is the frame that supports the rain cover.

Hold the rain cover up, with the large opening and the two Velcro loops on the bottom and the small slit at the top, closest to you. Gather the cover up from the bottom and hold it with both hands.

Fit the slit over the top handle of the stroller and pull it down so that the handle is exposed.

Start pulling the cover down over the stroller. Pull the front side down first, making sure the zip goes across the outside edge of the stroller's canopy. Continue pulling the front part of the cover down until it goes over the footrest. Loop the Velcro straps on either side of the front wheels' axles and attach them.

Pull the back part of the rain cover down the back of the stroller until it reaches the basket at the bottom. There is nothing to attach the rain cover to the back of the stroller, but it will stay in place if the front is attached properly.