How to make a Star Wars Ewok costume

Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ewoks are the cute, furry creatures who made their first appearance in "Star Wars VI: The Return of the Jedi." In the film, Ewoks were fierce and courageous fighters despite their adorable exterior. In real life, Ewoks make a perfect costume for children on Halloween or for fancy dress parties. An Ewok costume can be created fairly simply by modifying an old costume.

Find an old furry costume, either at your local fancy dress or charity shop, or anything you have kicking around the house. A teddy bear costume would be perfect, but it must be light brown and with lots of fur on it.

Prop the ears up on the costume. You may wish to sew the outside of the ears to the top of the head on the costume so that they stick straight up in the air. Use your scissors to trim away any excess material.

Take your loose piece of leather or fabric and shroud it over the top of the costume. This is what the Ewoks wear as clothing. The fabric should hang down to about the midsection of the costume. Use your scissors to cut holes in the top to poke the ears through.

Sew the shroud to the costume so that it does not fall off. You do not have to sew everywhere, just at the top and bottom so that it is secure.

Add accessories to the costume. You can use a small walking stick or spear. This will make your Ewok costume look all the more fierce.

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