How to Remove Elastoplast

Elastoplast is a brand name of a particular type of medical grade tape. It is commonly used on skin as a dressing or a support for splints and casts. It is particularly sticky and not easy to remove. Some people suggest simply using the "one, two, three, rip" method of removal, such as one might use with everyday bandages, but, especially in the case of skin with hair, this can be most unpleasant. There is a less painful way.

Apply the baby oil or Goo Gone to the Elastoplast. If you have lots of it to remove, you may wish to work in small sections. Thoroughly saturate the tape either all at once or a section at an end of the tape.

Wait up to five minutes.

Test to see that the adhesive is softening by gently trying to lift one corner of the Elastoplast. If the tape lifts easily, continue to remove it. Otherwise, apply more baby oil or Goo Gone and wait several more minutes until it does lift easily.

Remove the entire length of Elastoplast.

Apply Goo Gone or baby oil to a washcloth and wipe off any adhesive residue.

Wash the affected skin with soap and water.

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