How to set up a BiOrb

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BiOrb tanks are acrylic, not glass. Acrylic is stronger and lighter than glass and acrylic is less likely to shatter or crack if accidentally bumped. BiOrb aquaria are 50 per cent lighter than glass aquaria of comparable volume. A 16 gallon (60L) BiOrb can be carried, full of water. The original BiOrb was a spherical, 8 gallon (30L) tank. Now BiOrb is available in many shapes and styles. Whatever style you purchase, the initial set-up of your BiOrb aquarium is the same.

Remove all parts from the box.

Verify from the instructions that all pieces are accounted for.

Set the air stone in place. Use only gentle pressure.

Place the filtration unit over the air stone into its fitting in the bottom of the BiOrb. Turn counter-clockwise until locked in position.

Rinse the ceramic media and place around the filter in the bottom of the BiOrb tank. Pieces smaller than pea-sized can get caught in the filter and block flow, so sort these pieces out and do not use.

Add a few inches of pretreated water, to cover the bottom of the filter. Water conditioner comes with the BiOrb tank.

Add other bottom decoration you have purchased, such as pebbles or plants, at this stage. Do not use aquarium gravel or sand as this can clog the filter.

Fill the rest of the way with conditioned water.

Connect the air tube to the air pump.

Plug the air pump into the power transformer.

Place the lid on the BiOrb tank.

Set the light in the opening of the lid provided.

Plug the light into the same transformer as the air pump. If you have purchased the LED BiOrb Intelligent Light, when you plug it in the light will begin at the sunrise cycle, changing from moonlight into daylight over a one hour span with an eight hour day and a 14 hour night following . Read the instructions to set the time to the desired length of day/night.

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