How to make organza table swags,

No matter what the occasion, a table swag will add to the great look you want to achieve. A wedding, an anniversary or any other occasion will allow you the opportunity to decorate with swags. Find the colour of organza that matches your overall theme and put together some gorgeous swags that will make your occasion all the more special. Creating a professional looking table will be a fun project that you can do and will add to the ambience of the event.

Beautifully Arranged Swags

Measure the length of the table on which you will be placing the swags. Next, measure the width. Multiply the width by two and the length by two. Convert this to yards, add an extra yard for making the swags and this is the amount of organza needed for the entire table.

Lay the organza out on your workspace. Measure the length you want in between each swag. Two feet is a good length in between for a long table. Use a pipe cleaner and gather the width of the material at your chosen measurement. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the material and twist it together on the back side of the material. Do this every two feet the entire length of the organza.

Put the table cloth over the table. Start at the centre on the back side of the table. Fasten the end of the organza to the table cloth just at the point the table cloth starts to hang over the edge of the table using a large safety pin. Place the pin under the table cloth bringing it through to catch the pipe cleaner on the organza, back through the table cloth and close the pin.

Move on the length of the table fastening each section gathered with the pipe cleaner to the table cloth using a safety pin from underneath. When you end up where you started, the organza will meet the first piece you fastened to the table cloth. If it is a bit long, trim the excess making sure the two pieces meet fully.

Fasten flowers or bows at each point of the swag to the pipe cleaner. Use a small piece of the pipe cleaner, attach it to the bow or flower and wrap it around the pipe cleaner on the organza.

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