How to copy a program from one computer to another without a startup disk

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We've all had a situation where we need to put a program on a new computer or laptop, but have seemed to misplace the start-up disk for the program. Luckily, if you have the program on another computer, you can copy that program to a disk and then upload it to your new computer. If just takes a few steps, and soon you'll have a new start-up disk that you can use on any computer.

Click "Start" on your Desktop. Choose "My Computer," and then navigate your way to where the program that you want to transfer has been saved. It is most likely in "Program Files." Leave the folder open.

Insert a blank CD-R into the CD ROM drive. A dialogue box should appear, asking what you would like to do with the CD. Choose "Open Folder to View Files." When you click it, the folder should open, and it should be blank.

Click back to the folder that contains the program that you want to copy. Click and hold the icon for the program you want to copy, and drag it into the window for the CD-R.

Look for the program icon to appear in the CD-R folder. When it does, you are ready to copy the file. Click "Burn to a CD," found on the left-hand menu.

Name the program file when the dialogue box appears asking you to do so. Click "Next," and your program will copy to the CD-R.

Wait for the CD-R to finish copying. The dialogue box will tell you it is done, or your CD-ROM might open. Take the CD-R and place it in the computer you wish to copy it to.

Click "Open Folder to View Files" when the dialogue box opens to ask what you would like to do with the CD-R. Double-click on the Program File, and then choose the "Install" application. Follow the prompts to install the program on your other computer.

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