How to Convert WPL to WAV

WPL is an acronym for Windows Media Player Playlist. This file type contains references to several different files that are stored on your hard drive. It does not hold the actual files. There are only two programs with the ability to read WPL files: Windows Media Player and Roxio Media Creator.

If you want to use the file in any other program, such as a video editing software, you must first convert the file to a more commonly used file type, like WAV.

Download the Mini-stream Ripper. Mini-stream is the only quality audio software on the market that can read the WPL file type. Follow the simple installation screens to install the software.

Pull the WPL file into the converter. Click "Load, then choose "Files." Click "Load->URL."

Press "Start." It will take you to the "Convert" screen.

Select "WAV" from the output formats. The format will be available on the "Convert" screen under "Encode to."

Click "OK" to begin the conversion. The program will monitor the progress on the screen and a popup will appear when the conversion is complete.