How to cook with a raclette grill

Raclette is a traditional Swiss food-cooking technique named after raclette cheese. Meat, cheese, potatoes and other vegetables are cooked simultaneously on an electric raclette grill, the melted cheese is scraped on top of the cooked baby potatoes and it all is served with condiments, such as gherkins and pickled onions. Raclette is a great way to cook a casual dinner for guests.

Prepare slices of meat, including sausage and ham, baby potatoes, vegetables of your choice and raclette cheese. If you have trouble finding the often round cheese, opt for Emmentaler, another Swiss cheese.

Heat up the electric grill for five to 10 minutes before cooking.

Put slices of meat and vegetables on the flat top of the grill. Place one slice of cheese in each mini-pan and put the pans underneath the flat top of the grill. There are notches underneath for each pan.

Cook the meat and vegetables for two to five minutes and the cheese until it is melted. The potatoes should be soft enough that you can easily put a fork through them. Put the potatoes on a plate and scrape the melted cheese onto them. Put more food on the raclette to cook while you are eating.

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