How to Make Nesting Boxes for Pigeons

If you love the gentle sound of pigeons cooing and enjoy feeding them, you may want build them some nesting boxes. This project can be completed in a day.

Make the frame for your nesting box. Butt two sheets of the 32-inch plywood up to the two sheets of 16-by-12 inch plywood to form a box. Make sure the ends are flush. Glue all the ends where they butt together. Using your screws and screw gun, sink in four screws on the 12-inch sides and eight screws on the 16-inch sides. Make sure to glue and screw all four sides. When finished you will have a 32-by-16 inch box frame.

Take your last remaining 32-inch piece of wood and put it in the inside-centre of the box. Find the centre by using your tape measure to measure exactly 8 inches up. Mark the centre point on both sides with your pencil. At the exact centre point, attach one side of the 32-inch piece inside the box. Then attach the other side using screws and glue.

Install your nesting box dividers. Using a tape measure and pencil, measure out 8 inches along the top. Put one of the 12-by-8 inch pieces of plywood as a divider at that point. Glue and screw it down. Work your way around the box and every 8 inches, glue and screw in a divider. When finished you will have an eight-compartment nesting box.

Fill the nesting boxes with straw. This will give the pigeons a soft, safe place to build their nests. Put the nesting boxes in a pigeon coop and your pigeons will happily move in.

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