How to Make Paper Fishing Floats

You probably didn't know you could make some of your own fishing gear right at home. Paper weights are a fun craft to know how to make, and they are great gifts for Father's Day or birthdays. These are a similar creation to paper beads, if you have every made them. Although they are made with paper, the process will create waterproof fishing floats.

Decide what kind of a float you want. If you want a float that is skinny on the outer edges and plump in the middle, you want a symmetrical triangle. If you want a pear shaped float, you want your point to be off to the right. You can experiment with different shapes of paper.

Lay out a sheet of parchment paper. Draw a triangle on it. The type of triangle depends on the shape you chose. Of course, for your first paper float, you should try a regular triangle. Use a straightedge to draw a triangle that is about 3 inches wide at the base and as long as the paper is wide and cut it out.

Coat the paper triangle with a thin layer of wood glue. Pour a teaspoonful of glue into a saucer and then add a few drops of water. Stir it up and then apply it with a small paintbrush.

Hold the balsam stick in one hand and lay the fat end of the triangle square on the edge of the wood. Slowly turn the stick to wrap the paper around it tightly. It should get thicker around the middle as you go.

Let the stick dry for 24 hours. Paint it with some varnish to waterproof it. If you would like to make it look professional, add a stripe of bright red or yellow to the outer edges and then varnish it again; 3 coats of clear varnish will yield a nice coating.

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