How to Remove a LG Flat Screen Stand

LG TV's offer a great amount of value and are always designed with style in mind. The one unfortunate aspect of these televisions is the attached bases. Wall mounts are becoming increasingly popular because of their space-saving potential.

In attaching a base with no instructions for its removal, LG creates quite a bit of frustration among those wanting to take advantage of the wall mount. You may have seen comments online that suggest this process is painstaking and intensive, but in actuality you can remove your stand in minutes.

Disconnect the power from your television.

Lay the television carefully-screen down-onto a blanket or other surface that will not scratch. Look at where the stand meets the television.

Locate four screws connecting the stand, two on the left and two on the right. The bottom two screws should be recessed.

Unscrew the four screws. Set them somewhere safe in case you decide to reconnect the stand at some point.

Carefully remove the stand from the unit.