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How to Make Dairy Free Chocolate for a Chocolate Fountain

Updated February 21, 2017

Chocolate fountains are an eye-catching addition to any celebration, but if you or your guests must avoid dairy, that chocolate fountain could spell trouble. There is a way to use dairy-free chocolate in a chocolate fountain, perfect for dipping fresh fruits, cake squares and pretzels.

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  1. Chop the couverture into small pieces if you are using a whole bar. Skip this step if you are using chips.

  2. Add the chocolate into the zip top bag.

  3. Squeeze the excess air out of the zip top bag before sealing.

  4. Place the zip top bag with the chocolate in it into the microwave.

  5. Heat on high power for one minute.

  6. Remove the bag and knead it to mix the chocolate.

  7. Replace the bag in the microwave and heat for another one to two minutes on high, stopping every minute to knead the bag.

  8. Open the bag and pour the melted chocolate into the chocolate fountain according to the manufacturer's directions.

  9. Tip

    Couverture can be found at speciality gourmet candy stores, some craft stores labelled as "melting chocolate" or online. Couverture is a speciality chocolate that has extra cocoa butter added to it. Cocoa butter is the type of fat in chocolate and it has no dairy in it. Some types of coverture have added milk, so you need to read the label to be sure that the brand you are using is dairy free or vegan.

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Things You'll Need

  • 0.907kg. of dairy-free couverture chocolate chips or bar
  • Knife
  • Gallon-sized zip-top bag
  • Microwave

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