How to change a lock box combination

If you have ever lost your keys, have children who have lost them or have housekeeping or maintenance professionals that need to come into your home, but you don't want them to keep a key, perhaps you should look into having a lockbox to store keys for such emergencies.

They are easy to install and the combination can be changed at your convenience. This means, that once a special renovation project is completed, the code used can be wiped out and those workers will no longer be able to access your house keys.

Choose the type of lockbox that will work best for you. Lockboxes are available in 3-, 4- or 5-digit combinations and can be letter- or number-coded. Select the one that will be easiest for you and your family to remember.

Change the factory preset combination, once you have chosen the digit combination that will work best. Lockboxes are set from the factory with a default code, such as all 0's for a numeric lockbox or all A's or Z's with an alphabetic lockbox. Choose a code that will be easy for you to remember but difficult for intruders to ascertain. Don't use your house numbers, as this will be an easy guess.

Open the lid using the preset code or the current code. Once you input the code, you will need to push the lever right above the code dials, into the down position to remove the front from the vault. The code selectors are available in dials or rows of digits that are pressed in code order to open the lockbox.

Once you have input the code, remove the lid, making sure that the lever stays in the closed position, which will be up. On the back of the lockbox lid there is a reset button. Slide this to the left; this will remove the current code and allow you enter a new one.

Enter your new code one digit at a time. Once all digits have been entered, slide the reset button back to the right. It is very important to lock the reset button, or your combination will be lost. Do this before moving or changing any of the digits or dials.

Check if the combination works before closing the unit. Once it is back on the vault and the combination does not work, you will not be able to open it again.

Use the lever inside the vault to unhook the shackle. Hang the box on the desired location, put the keys inside and replace the front. Make sure to mix up the dials on the front to erase the code.