How to identify types of fur coats

People love fur for many different reasons. For one, it is absolutely timeless; it never goes out of style and can maintain its beauty even when other fashion trends come and go. It is very versatile and can be worn with everything from evening gowns to blue jeans. Fur is very durable and, with the proper care, can last and be handed down through generations. There are several different types of fur. Looking at the tag usually indicates what type of fur it is. If the tag is missing, the appearance of the fur can give you some indication of the fur type.

Determine if it is a chinchilla if it is very soft and has a grey to slate blue colour.

Identify it as a coyote if it is very dense and creamy. Coyote fur is usually used for jackets for men. The colour is either tan or grey.

Identify it as an ermine if is white with black tips. Ermine is a type of weasel, and the fur is extremely silky.

Identify the fur as a fisher if the fur is long, dark and shiny.

Identify it as a lamb if it is lightweight and shiny. The lamb has a wave pattern to it. The hair can be long and curly. Most times it comes in a white colour but can also be grey, black or brown.

Identify it as a lynx if it is white and furry.

Identify it as a marten by its long silky fur. The colour of this type of fur can range from gold to dark brown.

Identify the fur as coming from an opossum because of its coarse state. These types of furs are very woolly and short in nature. Opossums are mainly used for men's coats or liners.

Determine if the fur is rabbit by its grooved, medium-length hair.

Determine if it is raccoon by the thickness of the fur. It is usually grey or black with silver tips. Raccoon fur is very dense and durable.

Determine if it is sable if it is lightweight and silky. Sables are the most expensive furs in the world because it is so rare and extremely shiny.

Determine if it is a tanuki if it is light amber brown with dark-coloured markings. The tanuki is a Japanese raccoon, so the fur will look similar to the raccoon fur. The only difference is the colour.

Realise if it is not one of these, it could be either a mink or a fox fur. These are the two most popular types of fur. Both can be a variety of colours. Fox are usually used for as a trim in collars, wraps, cuffs and stoles. Mink tends to look more luxurious with its soft and shiny fur.

Take the fur to a fur dealer. If you cannot determine what type it is on your own, they will be able to do it for you.

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